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Banking on Brooklands is an exciting new fundraising initiative launched by Brooklands Museum providing its supporters with a unique opportunity to help preserve Britain’s motor sport and aviation heritage. Under the scheme, custody of square-yard sections of the remaining ‘wall of speed’ will be granted to individuals, groups and organisations donating to ‘Banking on Brooklands’. A donation of £150 will secure a square yard at the top of the Brooklands Bank; £125 one in the middle section; and £95 a yard at the lower level. Funds raised will help Brooklands Museum fulfils its promise not only to preserve but also to enhance its rich legacy of British pioneering development in both motor racing and aviation for future generations. Brooklands has an indelible place in the modern history of this country.

Q: How can I find the Square Yard of Banking that I have sponsored?
Simply use the yellow left and right arrows to scroll to the appropriate Section on our interactive track, and then move your mouse up the track to find the appropriate Strip. Each of the 33 vertical Strips is named after a racing legend and the name of each Strip is displayed in a box at the bottom right of the track. Once you have found your Section and Strip, move your mouse over the 3 coloured squares to reveal which one is yours. You will see your name displayed (or the name you provided at registration) and the image you selected.

Q: I have sponsored a square yard of banking. Where will my name appear?
The sponsored yards of banking are purely virtual and your name will appear on the Brooklands Museum website, highlighted on the virtual reconstruction of the famous racing circuit. Your name will also be displayed online at Brooklands Museum. Admission times and prices are available at

Q: How many square yards have been released under this initiative?
There will be 1,980 separate square-yard sections available in the first phase of this fundraising initiative.

Q: Is my donation eligible for Gift Aid?
Gift Aid is a scheme set up by the UK Government that offers tax relief on money donated to UK charities, and if you are a UK taxpayer, your gift may be eligible.

As a registered charity, Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd can re-claim the basic rate tax on donations from UK taxpayers provided the donor pays enough UK income tax and/or capital gains tax themselves to cover the amount of tax the charity will reclaim (currently 25p for every £1.00). If you are a UK taxpayer, tick the Gift Aid box on the payment screen to enable Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd to increase the value of your donation.

If you pay tax at the higher rate you can reclaim further tax relief through your Self Assessment tax return by entering your donation to Brooklands Museum Trust in the gift aid section.

Q: I want my donation to be anonymous.
This is not a problem. You will be given the option at checkout to either enter your own name or a pseudonym.

Q: Can I sponsor a square-yard of banking without entering my card details online?
You can be confident that paying online on our website using PayPal is 100% secure. If however you would rather pay by an alternative method please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.